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We specialize in selling Post-Frame building kits and providing comprehensive design and construction services.

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MW Metal Builders is a Post-Frame – Pole Barn Construction Company for all your Agriculture, Small Commercial, Community and residential needs in Memphis and Surrounding Areas.

At our company, we take pride in offering top-quality materials that are 100% American-made. We specialize in SELLING Post Frame Building kits, along with comprehensive design and CONSTRUCTION SERVICES. We are dedicated to delivering a seamless experience, ensuring that every aspect of your project, from start to finish, meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

MW Metal Builders

American Made Materials

  • We use premium #2 spruce lumber, #1 yellow pine, and or pre-engineered LVLs.
  • All roof purlins are on 30” centers and wall girt are 3’ on centers unlike other kits, providing more strength and more fasteners in the steel panels.
  • We roll beads in our corners, rake trim and fascia to eliminate buckling and oil canning.

Strong Foundation

For post-frame buildings, establishing a strong foundation is essential to ensure a steady structure. Unlike stick-frame constructions that typically necessitate an embedded footing in the foundation to uphold the building’s framework, post-frame or pole barn buildings don’t rely on this for their durability. Our approach involves the use of 6×6 treated posts or laminated 2×6 columns, which are securely placed 3 feet into the ground, supported by a solid concrete base beneath the posts. While many post-frame buildings are erected on concrete pads, it’s worth noting that certain barns and agricultural structures can also be constructed on unpaved surfaces such as dirt or chat gravel.

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About MW Metal Builders

Mike West (Troy)

Growing up as the son of Mike West, I’ve had the privilege of learning the ins and outs of the construction industry at a young age. Construction is more than just a business for us; it’s a family tradition that extends to generations. My numerous years of experience along with the values instilled in me by my father has allowed me to contribute to our projects and uphold the quality standards we are known for. It’s in our family’s DNA to build and create, and I am excited to continue this legacy.

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MW builder’s team is the best around! They are efficient and super friendly. Prices are very good and you know you get quality work for it! They go above and beyond to make sure your building will be built to last! So glad I used them. I look forward to using them in the future. J Eastburn


Let’s Build Something Together

Wondering about construction timelines or the durability of our structures? Ask away. Discover the versatility of these buildings for residential, agricultural, and commercial needs. Whether it’s an installation question or the process of obtaining permits, we are your go-to source for insights. Your questions, our expertise – let’s build understanding together!”

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There are many factors to consider when building a pole-barn or post-frame building such as the size, materials used, and any additional features you might want to include.  We offer free quotes. if you have questions contact us at (901) 232-3505or email us at:

Yes. There are two ways to get your quote, you can go to the Design Your Own page and create the design or you can contact us at (901) 232-3505 or email us at: if you need help.

Yes we are licensed with the State of Tennessee, bonded and insured.

Product Warranties:

40-year warranty on metal. The AkzoNobel 1050 paint coating we use is superior to other coatings. AkzoNobel has never had a system or faded warranty claim submitted on the coating we use.

50-year warranty on Laminated posts. (Laminated posts are nailed, glued finger jointed, and planed all 4 sides, eliminating warping splitting, and cracking)

40-year warranty screws are included for the roof metal

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